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The California Blueberry Commission was founded March 1, 2010. The blueberry industry in California is necessary to assure the public of a continuous supply of this important commodity and the maintenance of needed levels of income for those engaged in the blueberry industry of this state. The commission is authorized to carry out programs of pest management, advertising, promotion, food safety, maturity standards, education, marketing and research relating to blueberries, just to name a few. The Board of Directors consists of 20 experienced industry representatives (10 board members and 10 alternatives) who have a personal understanding of the market situation and the needs of the industry. 


When the Commission was first formed, it developed 5 areas for the commission to focus on:

1. Providing the California blueberry industry accurate and timely market and production intelligence;

2. Increasing demand for California blueberries in the Western U.S.; 

3. Providing the voice for the California blueberry industry in crop protection trailing and registration, as well as food safety;

4. Facilitating effective communications among California members of the blueberry industry and the U.S.. blueberry industry;

5. Developing new exports. 


The Commission uses these 5 focus areas to improve the California blueberry industry for its growers, handlers and consumers. 




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